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HealthInfoNet responsive WordPress website by Image Works

HealthInfoNet is an independent, nonprofit health organization that uses information technology to improve patient care quality and safety. The organization manages a secure computer system, called a health information exchange (HIE), for doctors, hospitals and other providers to share important health information and improve patient care. Their public website serves as a first introduction and gateway for many professionals to … Read More

WoodenBoat Magazine

Neil Arnold Business

WoodenBoat Magazine responsive WordPress website by Image Works

In 2012, WoodenBoat Magazine came to us with an old and pieced-together site they’d been trying to maintain for years. During a closely collaborative process with WoodenBoat staff we did a complete information architecture review and redesign to make the site much easier to use and navigate. We did a full graphic redesign and a Drupal 7 rebuild with a … Read More

Granite Hill Estates

Neil Arnold Business

Granite Hill Estates responsive WordPress website

In summer 2015, we quickly moved the website to a mobile responsive WordPress platform. The Granite Hill Estates site had been seeing significant increases in mobile traffic, and staff did not want to lose that momentum following the spring 2015 algorithm changes by Google. Budget constraints inspired a creative approach to migrating this site quickly and affordably. We made minimal … Read More

Emery Orders iOS app

Neil Arnold Business

Emery-Waterhouse Orders iOS app

Now on the Apple App Store! Emery-Waterhouse is one of the largest and oldest hardware wholesalers in the eastern U.S., and has been a client of ours since 1978! Emery asked us to redesign and refactor the Android app they’d done in 2010 for their retailers to make it much easier, quicker and more convenient to use as an iOS … Read More

Invest in Maine

Neil Arnold Business

Invest in Maine Drupal website

Maine International Trade Center’s (MITC) website helps both new and current Maine companies grow and prosper here. We worked closely with MITC staff to design a site that supports and enhances their goals to facilitate a more energetic business climate, expand Maine’s economy, attract new businesses, and create jobs and prosperity for Maine citizens. The result is a WordPress site that provides easy access … Read More

IDEXX: Pet Health Network

Neil Arnold Business

Pet Health Network Drupal website

IDEXX serves veterinary practices with comprehensive laboratory diagnostics hardware, software, testing services and kits. In 2011 IDEXX undertook the development of its first consumer-facing brand, Pet Health Network, to better communicate directly with their “ultimate customer” – the pet owner. is now the premiere source of dog and cat health and wellness information online. The site helps inform pet owners … Read More