Invest in Maine

Neil Arnold Business

Invest in Maine Drupal website

Maine International Trade Center’s (MITC) website helps both new and current Maine companies grow and prosper here. We worked closely with MITC staff to design a site that supports and enhances their goals to facilitate a more energetic business climate, expand Maine’s economy, attract new businesses, and create jobs and prosperity for Maine citizens. The result is a WordPress site that provides easy access … Read More

IDEXX: Pet Health Network

Neil Arnold Business

Pet Health Network Drupal website

IDEXX serves veterinary practices with comprehensive laboratory diagnostics hardware, software, testing services and kits. In 2011 IDEXX undertook the development of its first consumer-facing brand, Pet Health Network, to better communicate directly with their “ultimate customer” – the pet owner. is now the premiere source of dog and cat health and wellness information online. The site helps inform pet owners … Read More

MHMC: GetBetterMaine

Neil Arnold Non-Profit

GetBetterMaine Drupal website

Maine Health Management Coalition’s GetBetterMaine site allows patients to identify top-rated doctors and hospitals in and around their communities by searching on medical conditions or procedures. The ratings are based on voluntarily reported data including infection rates and protocols for preventing medication errors. We designed and provided extensive custom web development based upon the Drupal CMS. The site allows non-technical MHMC … Read More