Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: Lunder New Naturalists

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Lunder New Naturalist Drupal website and online learning platform

Since 2012, Image Works has led the design, development and curriculum refinement of the Lunder New Naturalists online learning system for Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. This ambitious environmental education project leverages web-based and mobile technology to increase students’ engagement and connections to nature. The website supports students’ environmental science and social studies learning, and enables students and teachers from across … Read More

Emery Orders iOS app

Neil Arnold Business

Emery-Waterhouse Orders iOS app

Now on the Apple App Store! Emery-Waterhouse is one of the largest and oldest hardware wholesalers in the eastern U.S., and has been a client of ours since 1978! Emery asked us to redesign and refactor the Android app they’d done in 2010 for their retailers to make it much easier, quicker and more convenient to use as an iOS … Read More